#YOUR501STORY - Levi's x Photovogue

Meet my grandmother: Three years ago, my uncle (her youngest son) passed away in a road accident. This tragedy was extremely tough for her and the entire family.

Her life changed drastically and turned dark. The only colors we witnessed were the colors of the dolls she created. Creating these handmade dolls helped her cope with her grief and loss. 

In this photoshoot, my sister, cousin, and I had the opportunity to see our grandmother in an intimate and different way. 

It was a moment where, for the first time, she allowed us to do something for her and not the other way around.

We revealed sensitive, exposed sides of her that reminded us of her strength and resilience despite the loss she experienced.

As she made us believe in the power of womanhood, life, and true existence.

#YOUR501STORY - Levi's x Photovogue

Styling: Lina Dakwar Set Design: Nancy Mkaabal